Thursday, November 17, 2016

Soak Up The Light

"So, what do you do?"  

How many times I have been asked that question.  How the answers have changed over the years.  Well, technically I am a Certified massage therapist, Professional aromatherapist, energy healer, public speaker, writer, head of marketing, head of research and development, and managing owner.  So.....what do I do?  I play.  I love.  I learn from my own life experience and I apply that in the treatment room, on the phone with a client, or in the kitchen with one of my staff members.  

Most importantly, I create and hold space for people to figure their own selves out.  Myself included, my staff included, and every person who walks through these doors.  From the UPS driver who pokes his head in just to smell the wonderful smells wafting from our shelves, to the USPS man who specifically changes his route on the days our soap is delivered JUST so his truck can smell good all day, to the client who calls us in pain who comes in desperate and leaves with a renewed sense of hope that "everything is ok".  

Life can be hard.  Chronic disease, tragedy, terrorism, fear of being inadequate, fear of dying or being in pain or sick.  Loss.  That stuff can overrun our lives.  Can create a sense of dread.  Anxiety.  The "what if's?" can drive us to an early grave.  Literally!

17 years I have been practicing massage therapy.  Holding space.  Watching humans unravel their inner most demons both physically and emotionally.  It has been my honor.  It has been my life's work.  It is the most challenging and rewarding work I have ever done.  

So.....what do I do?  I reflect Light.  The Light I believe is inside every single one of us.  That which connects us to each other.  I project mine.  I have surrounded myself with a staff who reflects and projects their own.  And in so doing, we remind every single person we interact with to reconnect with their own inner Light.  The peace which eases all that stress and fear.  That peace.  The one which allows us all to take a breath, exhale, and allow the dark and difficult to be with us but not own us.  

I remember that we are LIGHT.  

In this blog, my staff and I will explore life, balance, health, wealth, and everything in between.  From a deeper exploration into the world of massage and essential oils, to self care and our health, to money management, to how to keep your home or office functional and clear of clutter.  Because why not?  Because we are all in this together.  Our struggles are the same.  Our triumphs connect and inspire us!  

Stay tuned.....and Soak Up The Light!

                                                                -Kris Losch, BS, CMT, CCA, Owner
                                                                        Ray of Light Holistic Health